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One of Europe’s most successful cars has just been given a new lease on life. What you see below in the full gallery is the all-new Renault Megane; less controversial and more traditionally good-looking. Here you also have the “old” Megane, a car that’s been tinkered with annually to eek out better performance for the RenaultSport versions and more efficiency for the dCi models. Its rear end is about as famous as that of some Hollywood starlets.

Renault bosses have really pushed for quality improvements on the new Megane, especially where people could notice the improvements. Recently, each reintroduced French car has lost some of its edginess in the handling department. Sporting Meganes have been exemplary candidates for real drivers, so one can only hope that Renault hasn’t lost the plot.
An absolutely massive range of diesel and gasoline-powered engines will be available in most markets. Anything from 85 to 160 horsepower should be achievable until the more zippy 200+bhp cars roll out. In its current iteration in the UK, the Megane is available as a 3-door Sport Hatch, 5-door Hatch, 4-door Sport Saloon and as the Sport Tourer wagon. Renault also offers a 2-door hardtop convertible and the previously mentioned RenaultSport models, some very niche, in the 3-door format. The Scenic and Grand Scenic are mini-minivans based on the Megane that compete with vehicles like the Mazda 5.
In its first year of production, the outgoing second-generation Renault Megane was the best-selling car in France. In 2005, the Megane was Britain’s fourth-best seller. In other words, Renault counts on the Megane for heavy volume.