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How often does GoodCarBadCar simply supply you with photos to cheer your day? Never. The first measurable snowfall occured in our area just hours before The Good Car Girl predicted it would (months ago calling for a Remembrance Day storm) and she celebrated her good estimation by taking some impressive pictures.

Although there were 42 to choose from, I chose a vehicular theme. You may hate the cold; you may love it. Feelings are similarly passionate in regards to snow. This Ford Mustang (rear-wheel drive muscle cars ought to remain parked in such situation) looks incredible however, under a fresh coating of the wet, white stuff.

The Toyota Tercel and Acura 1.6EL wheel don’t strike me as essential elements, but are nicely automobileish to garner photo inductions. Love the background lighting of an indistinguishable vehicle. Email [email protected] or leave a comment below if you think you know it.

Every day I walk by these fire trucks. Every day I wonder why they’ve not offered me a test drive. I would review admirably… probably.

Name the vehicles. C’mon, don’t ya have a guess?