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MITSUBISHI i MiEV- Hurry! Build it!

i MiEV. I’m not joking. That’s the name of Mitsubishi‘s latest concept. I don’t know how to pronounce it; its status as an acronym or abbreviation. In-wheel motor electric vehicle – that’s right. Electric motors can be found in both front wheels, each with about 27 horsepower.

The rear wheels are driven by a similar amount of power, except electric powerplants can’t be found in the rear wheels. One motor totalling 63 horsepower sits under the ‘trunk’ and makes the i MiEV an all-wheel drive, electric, sportyish vehicle. This Mitsu could potentially travel 124 miles, just about 200 km.

Small cars are on their way back in North America, strengthening in Europe, and a necessary part of any competitive automaker’s lineup in developing markets. Mitsubishi knows that. Perhaps they’re not familiar with the importance of getting there first. Build a cool, desirable, all-wheel drive, electric vehicle before Ford or Toyota or Honda or Volkswagen or Renault – and the rest of your “normal” models will reap the benefits as well.

Feasible? I know not. Important? You know it – for sure. Come late to this party, and life will continue as per normal in Mitsu land. Be first and be dominant. Be third or fourth or tenth, and nobody notices. Get on it, get to it. Hurry up. Do something, already.