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MITSUBISHI CONCEPT cX – Frankfurt Auto Show

It seems that a disproportionate amount of new concepts wish to be different things to different people. That’s fine; it’s good. So long as the vehicle doesn’t end up being nothing to nobody. This small Mitsubishi has an especially environmentally-friendly interior, an especially clean turbocharged diesel, and especially curious dimensions.

It doth not yet appear what it shall be. Is it an off-roading compact car? Well, it’s compact like a Honda Fit, but with those snazzy 19-inch wheels, I suggest it stays out of the dirt. I don’t want to sound critical of the Concept cX after my praise of the Ford Kuga, because I actually think this is the kind of vehicle Mitsubishi needs in North America. The Galant does a poor job of standing out from the pack. Fortunately the Lancer is a handsome addition to the Mitsu showroom floor. But the Outlander competes in a large and highly competitive field and the Eclipse is an overweight fighter competing in a small category. The cX would bring some life to Mitsubishi’s marketing campaign and likely compete admirably with Scion and even Ford’s Kuga. The cX does need to ‘find itself’, though. Or else nobody will find it appealing.