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Max Motors appears quite pleased with the attention its latest promotion has procured. Buy a Ford; Chrysler; Dodge; Jeep; Chevrolet; Cadillac; Buick; or Pontiac, and you can decide between a handgun or a $250 gas card. 

No, the sales manager won’t just hand you a loaded weapon. You’d still be responsible for the getting yourself through the background check at the gun store. The all-American nature of this (all eight brands are domestic, guns are a major part of the presidential campaign) strips the shock away. The surprise returns when one takes note of the Mad Max website and the apparent celebration of the media response engendered by this controversial marketing idea. 
A few video clips on the lower portion of the page might seem odd. The logo of the Western Missouri Shooters Association and the website “” is even weirder. Suggesting as ‘method to your madness’ that, “We are aware of the gasoline and crime problem in America”, and that Max Motors “wants to be part of the solution and not part of the problem” just freaks a little Canadian boy right out of his boots. 
It was always said, the only difference between an American and Canadian is the gun in the American’s pocket. That was a joke, and also incorrect. There’s a new difference – it’s found at car dealerships. But the difference is still weaponized.