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There’s a funny thing that happens as technology moves the goalposts and NHTSA starts dealing with hugely expensive automobiles: the Recalls are bad news, of course, but they sure are hard to figure out. Has a recall ever meant good news?

Mercedes-Benz is issuing a recall affecting 4,564 of their most expensive cars. The 2001-2008 CL-Class, 2002-2007 S-Class and 2003-2007 SL-Class all fall under the lovely recall banner. 
Because of active body control, these vehicles have acceleration sensors on the front struts. “These sensors measure acceleration around the Z-axis of the vehicle and assure an automatic adaptation of the front struts to maintain a relatively level body position. Variations in the soldering process resulted in soldering points on the board of the ABC sensors which may not be within design tolerances. Signals from the affected sensors measuring the acceleration may not be accurately transmitted to the engine control unit.”
“A variation in the transmitted values between affected and unaffected sensors can result in one front strut adjusting to a value indicating body movement while another strut does not adjust presenting the driver with an uneven front suspension. This condition may lead to unexpected body movements at the front axle which can adversely influence the vehicle’s directional stability and could lead to a vehicle crash.”

The Recall is beginning in September. It could be difficult to determine if your car is affected. Mercedes-Benz is reachable at 1-800-367-6372.