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After watching this clip, you’ll have a greater appreciation for a high-quality car advert.  No, not the kind with Maxime Talbot doing a funny dance (as seen here), but the kind you can find at The Guardian by following this link.

UK television watchers have the benefit of viewing impressive advertisements, like the finished version at the link above. The clip below takes a brief look at how Nissan developed that “Urban Proof” Qashqai commercial. Creativity has not yet climaxed in regions where some legislation forbids extreme driving maneuvers or high speeds in advertising.  Keep in mind, the Qashqai is basically a Rogue – but the Rogue received some tacky in-show plug by a girl on Heroes.
It’s also interesting to see the different ways a vehicle is positioned in wildly different markets.  The Rogue is listed amongst “Crossovers/SUVs” on the website. When it comes to the Qashqai and, “Passenger” is the category, rather than 4×4.