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Proceed. You may begin placing your Skyline orders now. If you live in Japan and have about 8.35 million yen. Japan’s car enthusiasts have Skyline GT-R emotions equivalent to an American’s feelings about the Corvette. For the upcoming Nissan supercar, the name is shortened.

Read about the GT-R anticipation here.

GT-R. Three letters and a hyphen that will soon convey ‘serious performance’. Japanese brochures have been seen on the internet revealing that the Japanese consumer can choose between three trim levels and six colours.

He or she will have to let Nissan choose the engine; there are no optional upgrades. That’ll be rough with a 3.8L twin-turbo producing somewhere around 550 horsepower. There’ll be no transmission ‘choices’ until a regular manual tranny is offered some time after the first production wave. The sequential manual with paddle shifters will have to suffice.

Nissan tops Porsche at The ‘Ring.

You can see the ever-aggressive previous-gen Skyline GT-R in the photo above, with a fellow icon from America, the Corvette Z06, generations of the iconic and European Porsche 911 Turbo also pictured.