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McLaren Mercedes driver Lewis Hamilton, last year’s runner-up in Formula 1, was fined about €800 for driving over 120mph (190+km/h) in a 80mph (130km/h) zone. His Mercedes was confiscated and his license suspended.

He will be permitted to test his McLaren racer. In fact, Lewis can drive anywhere except France, where, for one month, Lewis isn’t permitted behind the wheel.

Poor fella. Ironically, former F1 champion Michael Schumacher, a man widely considered to be a potential candidate for best driver ever, is under investigation for an exciting taxi ride through Munich last week. Schumi figured he could get his family to the airport faster than cab driver Tuncer Yilmax. So, that’s what Schumi did, giving his family and Mr. Yilmax the ride of their lives. They made their flight, but German police don’t like the fact that Michael broke the law. You’re not allowed to commandeer taxicabs. Whatever.

MotorTrend has named the Toyota Tundra its truck of the year. Don’t be too hard on MT for picking a truck that was just named in a recall (a recall that doesn’t include any accidents or injuries). Afrer all, what truckmaker hasn’t come under a recent recall?

Silly I know, but Mercury was, until recently, selling cars at Mercury-only dealerships. The last such store, Community Motor in Pennsylvania, just closed its doors. Community Motor sold new Mercury’s for 57 years, but their best yearly total was way back in 1989.

Also, just minutes ago, the “35mpg by 2020” bill in the United States Congress passed and will head for the ballpoint pen of George W. Read this for more info on the bill.