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More info will surely flow regarding Land Rover’s latest hot concept over the next few weeks and after it’s Detroit debut. Enjoying the photos of the British sport-utility builder’s most impressive debut since the Range Stormer can be done…. now.

I love ambivalent statements from automaker managing directors that speak of topics like “proposed level of efficiency that would make it one of the cleanest vehicles in its class”. Wait… no, I don’t.

Truly though, the LRX is smaller (therefore lighter), and more aerodynamic. Less weight and slipperier surfaces remove the necessity of massively powerful and massively thirsty engines. Less thirst equals less harmful emissions. Do people want a smaller-than Freelander/LR2 luxury ute?

If the Land Rover LRX is ever produced; and it is marketed as a ‘green’ vehicle with more than just ‘green’ ideology but some semi-useful ‘green’ tech – then yes, people will want it.