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Kelley Blue Book has named its pleasantly mixed batch of best family vehicles.  There are 10, five American badges, not a Euro badge in sight.  General Motors makes up 30% of the list.  These are they.

CHEVROLET MALIBU: This midsize Chevy feeds on awards like an Electrolux feeds on the crumbs beside your favourite armchair. Deserving of the hype?  Indeed, it is. Deserving of all the awards? Sure, with a little help from the buzz surrounding an improved American product.  
HONDA ODYSSEY:  The best minivan a North American consumer can buy.
FORD TAURUS X: What?  OK, it’s true – this Ford crossover is an extremely safe and extremely decent vehicle.  There are more exciting options to be had, that’s all.
SUBARU OUTBACK: KBB cited a premium feel and vaunted reliability.  GoodCarBadCar cites a practicality punch above its weight and its all-around performance capability.
MAZDA CX-9: ‘Tis the sports car of large crossover SUVs.  
SATURN OUTLOOK: Out of GM’s trio (soon to be quartet), the Saturn stands out as the most typical middle American family car for this era.
DODGE GRAND CARAVAN: Interesting though you may find the presence of two mommyvans on this list; especially in light of the fact that Kelley Blue Book – of all books – would know about the poor resale values; the Grand Caravan possesses one of the most useful interiors of any vehicles on sale.
HYUNDAI VERACRUZ: It’s no joke, this Hyundai tangles with the Lexus RX in back alleys and rolls out with its engine running.  The Hyundai benefit proudly stands as its MSRP.  Value and luxury?  Yes.
TOYOTA HIGHLANDER: If the Outlook stands out as the most typical middle American family car of from GM’s Lambda trio, the Highlander is very clearly an excellent Japanese version of same.  
CHEVROLET TAHOE: The folks at KBB say not every family can navigate the circumstances of their existence without a full-size SUV.  If a full-size ute is what you need, the Tahoe is your veeeehickle.