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There’s nothing like “Toyota” and “Recall” to catch the attention of the auto aware. Causing simultaneous reactions from the General Motors faithful? That’s fun.

This is one recall that actually developed after injuries. Toyota’s Corolla and Matrix as well as the Pontiac Vibe (660,000 in total) were built with poor connections between the front side windows and doors as a result of faulty bolts.

This doesn’t mean you ought not consider a used Corolla, Matrix, or Vibe. In fact, considering the new generation cars is worthy as well. However, make sure you check on its status as far as this recall goes and make sure you take care of your own car, if involved. Keep in mind, a recent Renault Clio recall in Europe has resulted in a shockingly low uptake percentage, just 28% of Clio owners getting their ‘bonnet’ checked out.

If you’re unaware of the connection, remember the joint venture between GM and Toyota that once brought you the Geo Prizm. The Matrix is a Vibe is a Matrix. The Matrix derives its origin from the Corolla. The Good Car Guy named the previous Pontiac Vibe as one of the Top 5 American Branded Cars.