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Jeep Chief is retro done well and on the cheap

I am generally not a huge fan of retro cars, though I do have a soft spot for the Chrysler PT Cruiser. I am particularly not a fan of companies spending tons of money on a retro-looking car, when the same amount could be put towards a car that is amazing looking without needing to copy anything else (think new Ford GT versus the previous one, Jag XF vs S-Type, BMW i8 vs Z8).


However, the Jeep Chief concept shown recently during the Easter Jeep Safari is a rare example of retro done well – it takes an existing car (Jeep Wrangler) and modifies it just enough to make the retro work. And work it does to my eyes, evoking the first, full-size Jeep Cherokee, but adding butch wheels for a slight monster-truck vibe. This is a toy I would love if I lived close to a dessert!