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id America Gasket iPhone Case Review

head gasket inspiration for iPhone 4 case
id America iPhone Gasket Case

You can spend more than $29.99 on a case for your iPhone 4. You can also spend less. For the automotively-inclined who want a hard shell iPhone 4 case that doesn’t look like every other case on every other iPhone 4, there’s the id America Gasket Brushed Aluminum case.

Although the idea of a hard shell is off-putting to some iPhone owners, the Gasket case is very rigid once installed. Its fit is tight, so tight in fact that, while placing the Gasket case on the iPhone it’s hard to avoid scratching the phone with the case. Again, it pays off once affixed, as its tight squeeze is much better than many cases I’ve tried.

My hand model had only one other complaint: the inner-circle edges on the back are harsh enough to feel like they’re scratching the tips of your fingers. But the phone fortunately maintained its lightweight feel, something which can’t be said of heavy duty rubber cases seen on the iPhones of contractors and accident prone phone drop junkies.

id America iPhone Gasket Case

Six colours are available. Only the aluminum silver, titanium gray, and jet black make sense. It’s hard enough to transfer the design theories of an engine’s head gasket to the case for a modern mobile phone, let alone succeeding in such a mission when the head gasket is rally blue. Regardless of colour, it’s unlikely that you’ll slap your iPhone 4 down on the bar beside another just like it, and for that reason the id America Gasket Brushed Aluminum case is a winner. 

What could make it even better? Fill in the holes, go glossy black, and simple place an image of a Ferrari 458 Italia’s 4.5L V8 on the back.