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The Scoupe gave way to the Tiburon. The Tiburon is now simply giving way. Hyundai forsook the ‘shark’ etymology in other parts of the world; sometimes the Tiburon was simply the Hyundai Coupe. 

While the upcoming rear-wheel drive would appear to be a replacement for the just-announced discontinued Tiburon, Hyundai insists that a future small front-wheel driver could be in the pipeline. Don’t be surprised to see a pricing scheme for the car that could be a Tiburon replacement that reflects the need for some more separation between two sporting coupes with the same badge. 
Had the Tiburon remained beyond the ’08 model, its already lowering sales would have faced an even more drastic dropoff. The Genesis Coupe represents tremendous value, surprisingly high horsepower levels, and a proper rear-wheel drive configuration. Its Hyundai-style pricing would have made the ageing Tiburon appear too expensive for safety in the lineup.