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With a quick exit from bankruptcy proceedings, General Motors comes to bat with renewed vigour and surprising power. Though its Sales Stats in Canada and the USA failed to ignite celebrations last month, General Motors has been pleased of late with its global performance. That doesn’t equate to possession of Toyota-like bank account figures or BMW-like acceptance in the market, but GM’s product certainly seems on the right track. If sales come on line, too, other conglomerates won’t know what hit them.

For all kinds of Numbers relating to GM’s second quarter global sales figures, keep reading.

1,940,000 – total vehicles sold by General Motors around the globe in the second quarter of 2009, 20% higher than the first quarter of this year but 15% lower than the equivalent period of 2008
72 – percentage of GM’s global sales collected outside of the USA
307,000 – total GM vehicles sold in North America in the second quarter of ’09, 32% lower than Q2 of ’08
12 – percentage of the global automotive market belonging to General Motors in the second quarter of ’09, 0.8 percentage points higher than the three months prior but 0.3 percentage points lower than Q2 of ’08
3,550,000 – total vehicles sold by General Motors so far this year around the world, 22% fewer vehicles than GM sold in the first half of last year
8.8 – percentage of the Asia-Pacific automotive market held by General Motors in the second quarter of this year
21 – percentage drop in sales of General Motors vehicles in Latin America, Africa, and the Middle East
115,000 – total Chevrolets sold in Europe in Q2 of ’09, taking Chevy’s market share in Europe to 2.3%
31 – percentage increase in GM sales from April-June compared with January-March of this year
19.1 – percentage of the North American market share taken by General Motors in the second quarter of ’09, 2 percentage points higher than GM’s market share in Q1