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Attempts to force back onto the typical Lowdown or $$$ Mondays, Top 5 Tuesdays, 3 To Beat Wednesdays, Numbers Thursdays and Across The Pond Fridays have been difficult withthe move of GoodCarBadCar Towers and an ignited effort of TGCG at This being Tuesday, however, and a day near the beginning of the month (Happy Cinco de Mayo), The Good Car Guy is intelligent enough to connect a Top 5 with Sales Stats.

Read on for the most fascinating and/or ironic facts related to the sale of automobiles around the world.

#5 – 73.70% @ SUZUKI USA: During the 30 days of April/2008, Suzuki sold 9,669 vehicles. This year, the same number of selling days (26) resulted in just 2,543 vehicles sold to American consumers.

#4 – 3,154 @ TOYOTA USA: With sales down 42,19%, on average, Toyota sold 3,154 fewer cars each day in April of 2009 than they could muster in April of ’08 when 7,475 vehicles exited dealer doors across America each day.

#3 – 8,595 @ BUICK CHINA: All tolled, General Motors sales in Canada were down 23.6% to 29,476. Buick sales in China were up a hugely significant 63.6%, taking Chinese Buick sales to 38,071. That makes GM’s Buick division better in China than all of GM is in Canada to the tune of 8,595 extra vehicles.

#2 – 203,000 @ TATA: So far, approximate sales revenue from the Tata Nano $512,600,000 on sales of 203,000 Tata Nanos in India.

#1 – 184,706 @ TOTAL FRANCE: While total French “light-vehicle” sales were down 7% compared with April of last year, Citroen (+1.8%), Suzuki (+3.1%), Hyundai/Kia (+6.1%) Dacia (+15.2%), Volkswagen (+16%) Audi (+20.7%), and Seat (+23.7%) posted gains. BMW sales in France were shot through the floor (-43.9%) while Opel fared slightly better with a year-over-year drop of 41.2%.