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If there were any fears that Ford’s successful sub-Focus hatch would suffer from slightly blaa styling in its next iteration, let these pictures assure you that Ford wasn’t joking around when it debuted the concept Verve.  The Fiesta takes more than just ‘inspiration’ and ‘cues’ from the stunning Verve. Therefore, the next Fiesta itself; is stunning.

Ford has taken rising fuel prices, efficiency standards, emissions limitations, and market desires into consideration and thus plans to introduce the Fiesta – in some form or another – to North America at the end of this decade.  The last time Ford introduced a striking small car into our market, 
they met with success.  Then they did nothing significant as far as updates are concerned and the vehicle basically became malnourished while Europe, the continent which received the vehicle first anyway, received updates; a new car; and even an updated version of that new car whilst North America got a ‘coupe’.  That car is the Focus.  
Let’s hope that the pattern changes with the Fiesta, even though it does appear as though the pattern starts out the same.  We get the car late, and potentially as an uglified sedan.  

Ford of Europe has a reputation for delivering wicked-sweet driving dynamics.  Expect nothing less than top-of-the-class handling.  The Mondeo and F-Series have shown what Ford can do with interiors.  In other words: expect great things from Ford’s small car in 2010. Anything less would be….. disappointing.