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As a website committed to speaking for and to a generation of first-time new car buyers, a deep look at the Ford Taurus doesn’t strike anyone as the first task of the day. Indeed, this is actually The Good Car Guy’s last task of today…. right before teeth-brushing.

For a unique take on Ford’s situation with the Taurus, utilized Facebook (people always respond quicker that way) and a specific group of people for whom possession of preconceived notions of a car like the Taurus come naturally. I already knew that these represenatives of Generation X and Generation Y would be discinclined to love the words “Ford” and “Taurus”. And while it’s not the official mission of to change consumer opinions in favour of Ford Motor Company – no, not at all – auto enthusiasts won’t be surprised to find themselves wondering if the new Taurus can’t alter well-rooted opinions. Opinions, oh Good Car Nation, that are deeply founded in a couple decades of indecent exposure.
Check below for the represenatives’ views before their Taurus education, and check back tomorrow for The Good Car Guy’s initial views of a Taurus tester arranged with Ford of Canada’s help. Do remember, these are youngerish, urbanites for the most part, car buyers who generally think smaller and cheaper, potential car buyers who also grapple with higher expectations for equipment and perceived quality. They were given two words to which they had to react with a brief comment. The words? Ford Taurus.

Rep #1: 20-something female bureaucrat.
“Clunky car for old fogies.”
Rep #2: 20-something male accountant.
“Very boring, no excitement whatsoever.”
Rep #3: 20-something male artist.
“Too long, cheap-looking interior, toy-like knobs and buttons, got its overly curvaceous design in the 90s.”
Rep #4: 20-something male programmer.
“Two words: no good.”
Rep #5: Near-30 female EA.
“Its rattles join the sound of the pavement beneath the tires and the wind as you drive. Better than taking the bus.”
Rep #6: 20-something male student.
“I would not object if my parents decided to buy one.”
Rep #7: 20-something male audio-visual guru.
“We drove one for sometime. No flash, but i was able to fall asleep in it.”
Rep #8: 30-something male taste-tester.
“For when you’ve given up your dreams.”
Rep #9: Near-30 male seller of aqua.
“They’ve come a long way!”