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As if the Ford Focus ST wasn’t impressing Europeans enough, Ford’s upping of the ante with the Focus RS is manifesting more evidence than ever that the RS will be a high-flyer. 0-60mph will come up in just under six seconds, Ford says. It’ll likely be less than 5.5 if traction isn’t an issue, The Good Car Guy believes. Also possibleis that on your next trip down the autobahn, a green Focus RS will cruise past at 164 mph, about 264 kmh. This is a Ford Focus, folks. Wow.

296 horsepower through the front wheels could be considered a problem. Ford hopes that it won’t be because of its RevoKnuckle technology that Ford thinks will rule out torque steer. Remember the last Focus RS with substantially less power (in the 212 range) struggled mightily putting the power down. Of course, that must be put in context with the current Focus ST which has over 220 horsepower and negates the effects of large throttle openings and steering wheel motions.
Whether or not the Focus RS handles take-off well, cruising altitude will shove all the restricted 155mph German coupes and sedans down a rung.