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North Americans are fed increasingly powerful iterations of the Ford Mustang. The GT500 KR is a genuinely insane piece of kit – wickedly powerful, wildly expensive, and excessively bold. 

Europeans are fed increasingly powerful iterations of the Ford Focus. The first-gen Focus ST170 was actually a very good car; if stupidly forgettable. The RS upped the ante to the count of an extra 42 horsepower. The current ST is more powerful than the first-generation RS. Where does that leave the new Ford Focus RS? Previous reportings revealed some 276bhp (expect 300 horses) and almost 300 lb-ft of torque. Though Europeans won’t likely complain about the price of a tuned and modified Focus, we would find it wildly expensive. Go back a couple sentences to discover its wicked power.
And check out the pics to see excessive boldness. My goodness, car design doesn’t get much greener (no, we’re not speaking in enviromental terms), louder, or any more attention-grabbing. officially labels the Ford Focus RS the Lamborghini Countach 500S of hot hatches. A car once perceived to be bold but clean, the first Focus RS, can be seen below.