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The Acura Integra and RSX remain firmly set in the memory banks of auto enthusiasts.  Somehow; someway, the Integra Memorial/RSX Driven post from June of 2007 has been the 5th most popular individual post here at GoodCarBadCar.  Check it out here.

Ahead of that Acura article came the Cadillac CTS coupe concept.  Such a startling, shocking, high-impact design is sure to have an impact 15-26 days after it was revealed.  Follow the link.
Readers were either surprised or alarmed by the Volvo S40/V50 recall.  That story popped up on the second day of this month.
September’s article about the need for Dodge’s Journey To Make Inroads has struck a chord.  That chord is still valid – here it is.  Keep this in mind, Chrysler execs: that Dodge article is #2 all-time at GoodCarBadCar.
Finally, ranking as the most read GoodCarBadCar article in February – up to this point – is The Good Car Guy’s test drive of the Subaru Impreza sedan.  His opinions are present and accounted for.