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GCBC Downloads Is Live – .XLS U.S. Auto Sales Spreadsheets With Every Model And Brand

First things first. Everything you regular see at is staying the same. 

You’ll still access this very space to see brands report their U.S. and Canadian sales figures at the beginning of every month, we’ll still be publishing the same wide variety of best seller lists at the beginning of every month, you’ll still check hundreds of model-specific sales tracking pages every month, and we’ll publish each and every segment breakdown and complete list of every make and model’s year-to-date figures in one big sortable list.
But now you can, if you wish, have so much more. The rather obviously named Downloads page features a list of inexpensive .XLS spreadsheets displaying the U.S. sales figures for every model, every brand, every manufacturer.

At present, that list includes 2014’s year end data and quarterly updates through 2015 along with versions of the spreadsheet for readers interested only in premium automakers. Looking ahead, the list will soon feature .XLS spreadsheets – both for all vehicles and premium brand vehicles only, if interest in the latter is sustained – for October 2015/year-to-date, then November 2015/year-to-date, and so on.

There are samples available on Google Drive for you to examine before you pay so that you may know exactly what it is you’ll be paying for. There are no subscriptions, no logins to a special section of GCBC, no premium membership dues. You get what you want – figures for every single make and model and manufacturer – without paying for a whole lot of other information you don’t want, don’t require, and don’t wish to sort through.

Visit GCBC’s Downloads Page
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U.S. Vehicle Sales Rankings By Model – August 2015 YTD

Spreadsheets start at just $1.49. We look forward to your comments and suggestions on the way the files are formatted. Please don’t hesitate to contact us.

Remember, this is not a move away from free service or a move toward pay-per-view. is what it is, became what it is, and will not cease to be what it is, because it’s free. 

Timothy Cain is the founder of, which obsesses over the free and frequent publication of U.S. and Canadian auto sales figures. Follow on Twitter @goodcarbadcar and on Facebook.