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After General Motors introduced the Buick Enclave, the auto journalism world was turned upside down. If, in one’s own life, the brand name restricts potential purchases, how can one avoid an incredibly favourable review of a vehicle if, as alluded to, the brand has for years been producing vehicles that auto journalists avoid like the plague?

The Good Car Guy reacted positively to the Enclave after driving the big Buick crossover at GM’s Milford Proving Grounds. (Check out that Driven article here), wrote about the Enclave’s success before that, and even gave space to the Enclave for a 3 To Beat article. All in all, critics are long past concluding that the Enclave is the best Buick.
However, China is the best Buick market. The planet’s most populous nation consumes half of all Buicks produced worldwide. 
And in August – finally – Chinese car consumers can drive away from one of 400 Buick dealerships in an Enclave.