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Curiously enough, just earlier this afternoon GCBC partner AutoEnergy took a look at the financial implications of selecting the less efficient 5-speed manual Honda Fit compared with the automatic Fit… in south Florida. Only a few minutes later, a video related to payways in Miami comes to The Good Car Guy’s attention. Watch it below.

John Zarella notes that the use of these lanes on regular highways in Miami will cost more or less depending on traffic conditions. Perhaps just $0.25 will get you a quicker pass down I-95; but you might need as much as $2.25. 
Despite what’s being said by a California transportation worker who oversees the Golden state’s hot lanes regarding the makeup of payway users, the term “Lexus Lane” has still caught on. If time is money, then time saved by the rich – the ones who can pay for the faster trip – equals more money. For them. The rich get richer, creating the appearance of genuine capitalism in a country that’s been called the United States of France only today.