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CHEVY MALIBU POPULAR ON THE DUB-DUB-DUB has some statistics (this from that show the Chevrolet Malibu to be a much, much, MUCH more popular vehicle on the internet than its competitors.  Expect year-end data from MSN Cars and others to bear this out.  Admittedly, the more complex data shows that more Honda Accord shoppers became ‘engaged’.  This doesn’t detract from the positive news for GM and Chevrolet brass – people are attracted to the Malibu in a way they never ever could have been with the old Malibu. As it stands at present, here are some of the stats:
236,011 – online shopping excursions for the Malibu in December of 2007
67,921 – online shopping excursions for the Malibu in October of 2007
247 – percentage increase in online shoppers for the Malibu from the tenth month of 2007 to the twelfth
2 – number of midsize cars (named Accord and Camry) it takes to develop the numbers the Malibu achieved on its own in December
3 – number of consecutive months led by the Malibu in the midsize sedan category, the first time during the web’s relatively short lifespan that an American-badged car pulled that trick