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Dodge isn’t sick of your orders, but it may decide to cut off the order process for 2008 Dodge Challenger SRT8’s in just 19 days. Here’s what you need to know:

Since Chrysler began taking orders on December 3rd, 85% of their dealerships have taken order(s) for the Challenger.

There have already been more than 7,000 orders placed.

Dodge will be offering the initial SRT8’s in Hemi Orange, Brilliant Black, and Bright Silver. So far, more than half the orders have been for Hemi Orange.

eBay has played host to multiple auctions for “payment over and above” the MSRP.

So what’s next? First, Dodge builds these cars. Then it builds Challenger’s with a lower price tag and less powerful engines. Then Chevrolet starts selling the new Camaro. Meanwhile, Ford Mustang sales are down 19% this year. During November, Ford watched Mustang sales fall 30% lower than November of 2006.