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eBay is proving the true market value of the upcoming Dodge Challenger. The SRT8 version, with which a gas-guzzler surcharge is automatic, will feature an MSRP around $40K. Although the full production design of the Challenger hasn’t even debuted yet, dealers are collecting orders. Dodge accepts orders from dealers only when they have a customer name and address.

After the car went on sale, Dodge revealed that they could build up to 10,000 Challengers in ’08, rather than the 5,000-6,000 originally believed. eBay prices are still rather high. This New York dealer has his price at $50,000 but that’s below the reserve. Another dealer in Maryland is showing $5,000 with zero bids; that $5K is the amount over $41,985 the bidder is willing to pay.

An Austin, Texas dealer lists $19,999 as a Buy-it-Now price above and beyond the MSRP. A Dodge-Isuzu-Suzuki dealership in Illinois (I haven’t heard of that combination of brands, either) has 10 bids with the max at $13,000 over the MSRP, commanding a $1,000 deposit at the end of the auction – 54 hours from now – plus an extra $10,000 when the order is complete.

Muscle-car buyers – more so than the buyers of most other types of vehicles – appear to be more urgent than any other group. This phenomenon occurred with the Shelby Mustang and could well occur again with the Chevrolet Camaro. Who knows? 2010 Challenger’s could see a power upgrade to maintain sales momentum, and all these overpayers will have spent a lot more $ per horsepower.

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