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Apologies to you if your day began with the ’10 Ford Fusion, ’10 Mercury Milan Hybrid, and ’09 Pontiac G6 convertible. They’re not terrible cars by any stretch of the imagination, and at least in the cases of the Ford products, aren’t bad-looking either. However, they represent the automotive version of an autumn day where the temperature is warm, the wind is low, but it’s drizzly. Who freakin’ cares?

The G6 convertible is the second-last convertible available to North Americans that The Good Car Guy suggests you purchase. To worsen your decision-making ability, check out the Chrysler Sebring convertible in The Bad 8. Pontiac’s hardtop droptop isn’t inexpensive, isn’t pretty, isn’t sporty, isn’t hip or cool; and therefore isn’t worthy of your hard-earned money. For $32,970, there are a few dozen vehicles The Good Car guy wishes you’d consider before considering the vehicle in the ten pictures below.
Perhaps you should know what Pontiac says about the facelifted front end. “… the new G6 front fascia features chrome surrounds for the signature Pontiac dual port honeycomb grille. This same grille pattern is carried to an updated lower air dam.” Do you care yet?