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Less than 24 hours after Alan Mulally sat before a Senate committee led by Chris Dodd, a full slate of pictures is revealed of the 2010 Ford Fusion. Seemingly stripping away all possible excitement Mulally attempted to engender regarding the future prospect of Ford products were the automakers actually able to break through with “$7-8 billion”, the 2010 Ford Fusion is likely a whole lot better than the Fusion seen at dealers now. Well, it’s not likely; the ’10 Fusion will be better. Yet I still can’t smell any excitement anywhere.

The four-cylinder will be a 2.5L with better economy and more forward thrust. The option of a 3.5L V6 with class-competitive horsepower (assuming Camry, Accord, Altima, 6 don’t swing upward) will be vital. Nevertheless, speak truthfully on the matter – you know as well as anyone that the upgraded Fusion still won’t sell in Accord or Camry-like numbers and even if it did, won’t be selling for as high a price.
Apparently The Good Car Guy woke up in a negative mood. Two more Cars We Don’t Care About are about to come through the pipeline. All 24 pictures of the ’10 Fusion are below.