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She ain’t pretty, but in relative comparison with the Dodge Charger and Ford Crown Victoria, pretty doesn’t top the list of desirable characteristics. Carbon Motors has attacked this large segment of the automotive marketplace with a completely new approach.

With help from Lotus, says Carbon Motors, “this special purpose vehicle will provide a superior performing product with a much safer and more efficient operating environment for law enforcement officers, and offer a significantly lower total cost-of-ownership. A significant reduction in CO2 emissions is targeted in addition to a 30% – 50% fuel economy improvement.”
The Carbon Motors police car should use a diesel engine that makes 300 horsepower and 420 lb-ft of torque. Helped by a six-speed automatic, acceleration to 60mph should be brisk: around 6.5 seconds. Fuel economy of 29mpg would be a big help to every police department on the continent. On the inside, everything will be geared towards absolute usability, perfectly geared toward the clientele. 360-degree surveillance capability, video and audio surveillance of the rear seat area, fully-fitted law enforcement equipment up front, shotgun mounts, head-up display, backup camera – it all sounds great. It sounds terrific when you realize that all of that is integrated; a car designed from the outset to work with these systems.
Carbon Motors Corp. will develope, manufacture, distribute, and service these purpose-built patrol cars. Their mission goes as far as to offer a 24/7 call centre and a predictable end-of-life process. The Carbon Motors vehicle will be geared towards fleets, quite obviously, but most clearly to the public sector.

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