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2016 Canada Auto Sales Figures – By Model (All Vehicle Ranked)

2016 Canadian Vehicle Sales Rankings – Every Vehicle Ranked By Sales Volume

After record Canadian auto sales were achieved in 2013, and 2014, and 2015, new vehicle sales volume jumped 3% to a new, all-time annual record in calendar year 2016. Canadian consumers, businesses, and governments purchased and leased 1.95 million new vehicles in 2016, a gain of roughly 50,000 sales for an industry that lost nearly 53,000 passenger car sales. Led by the Ford F-Series pickup truck, Canada’s best-selling line of new vehicles for a eighth consecutive year, pickup truck sales jumped 8%, a gain of 27,000 units.

SUV/crossover volume jumped 10% to form 40% of the Canadian auto industry’s volume. Sales across the sector jumped by more than 71,000 units compared with 2015, as the Toyota RAV4 led all SUVs/crossovers in total sales for the first time ever. New vehicles were common in 2016. We saw the introduction of a new brand: Genesis. Cadillac, Volvo, Jaguar, and Lincoln launched new sedans: CT6, S90, XE Continental, respectively. Fiat introduced the new 124 Spider, a Mazda MX-5 Miata twin. New luxury SUVs were launched by Bentley, Infiniti, Jaguar, and Maserati. But the overwhelming bulk of new vehicle sales volume – more than half – is generated by the 30 top nameplates. The Ford F-Series, Ram P/U, and Honda Civic alone create 15 out of every 100 new vehicle sales.

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