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2012 Canada Minivan Sales Figures By Model (With Rankings)

Sales Figures & Rankings for Minivans Sold in Canada

2012 Best Selling Minivans In Canada (All Models Ranked)

Canadians purchased or leased more new Honda Civics in December 2012 than minivans. The minivan category, as a whole, was let down by two of its three most popular models. Dodge Grand Caravan sales fell 15%; Honda Odyssey volume was cut in half. At the bottom of the order, Canadians continued to prove they don’t want the Nissan Quest. Only 0.5% of the minivans sold in Canada in December were Quests. 49.8% were Chrysler products built in Windsor, Ontario.

But that’s just December. In the twelve months of 2012, Canadians acquired 97,547 minivans, a figure which includes the Chevrolet Orlando, Kia Rondo, and Mazda 5 but not the Ford Transit Connect or Ram Cargo Van. The Dodge Grand Caravan owned 52.8% of the Canadian minivan market in 2012. Chrysler owned 56.9%. Windsor-built vans accounted for 57.6% of Canada’s minivan market. And the Nissan Quest wasn’t Canada’s worst-selling minivan in 2012 (except by year-over-year decline), as Volkswagen’s Grand Caravan copy found just 617 buyers. The Routan accounted for 0.63% of the minivan market; the Quest another 0.68%.

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