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When a BMW dealer decided not to honour the bid of an eBay user in an online auction where the price did not significantly elevate over and above the MSRP, they should have expected an internet uproar. This is the World Wide Web, after all, and weaving a tangled web on the web is terribly unadviseable. It began at Autoblog and will continue elsewhere, including here at GoodCarBadCar. 

This link will take you to the staff page where you can see the name of the “no photograph” internet manager. I especially like the ‘internet specials’ tab at the bottom of the main page. Great line considering the situation they’re in now.

Fil Catania introduces himself as the General Manager and Operating Partner when you head to the page and mentions that they’re absolutely commited to making your next automotive purchase as easy as possible. Hmm, not so much in the case of the Californian M3-buyer who got himself a fair deal. Other than BMW, this dealer group appears to offer GM brands and Mercedes-Benz.  The original post on a forum fills you in on more of the story, as does the eBay listing viewable here.