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New York City, home to the Statue of Liberty; Madison Square Gardens; and masses of Ford Crown Victorias, will host the debut of a few high-impact vehicles. It’s not likely that this is your first exposure to Subaru’s little electric vehicle, but the R1e will face its first NYC exposure in the upcoming days. This perfect-for-Japan vehicle may someday be seen as perfect-for-the-USA as well, especially with a rapid charging ability of fifteen minutes/80% capacity.  

Nissan will attempt to steal Subaru’s thunder (or lack thereof, these being near-silent cars) with an electric Cube. And by Cube, we mean cube. Affix Denki to the nomenclature of this long-lusted after Nissan, for this is the Japanese word for electric. Don’t kid yourselves: the market for a vehicle with this size/practicality/enviromental impact quotient would be massive; both in North America and abroad. 

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Based on appearances, Nissan’s Maxima is a true letdown after the Cube. In accordance with the overt, aggressive, and harsh lines that seem to be the theme for many sedans this decade (rather than simply eye catching softness and class), the Maxima outdoes most with an unbecoming mixture of Mitsubishi Galant/Lexus ES/Altima.  More details to follow, along with more NYC debuts.