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What’s the automotive world saying about the new Nissan GT-R? Car&Driver, MotorTrend, evo, and Road&Track reporting.

“At 300km/h (186mph), gentle autobahn curves become serious turns, and the driver begins wishing he coild see farther down the road.  At no point, however, did this driver find himself worrying about the car’s stability….  The dartiness that afflicts some cars at speeds north of 150mph is conspicuous in the Nissan GT-R only by its absence.”  Tony Swan, Car&Driver
“Spear through another chicane and you’re climbing up a hill, revs building toward the 7000-rpm peak – V6 thundering in front of your toes, and you’d swear you were in a specially honed track racer – and there’s a series of fast corners, swish-swish through them with no hint of body roll.” Gavin Green, MotorTrend

“There’s no trick to launching the car: Put the shifter into 1st gear, and as you lift off the brake pedal, mash down on the throttle. You’ll hear a slight chirp from the rear tires, and before you know it, you’re gritting your teeth, as the g-forces squeeze the air from your lungs.” Sam Mitani, Road&Track

“By now I’m utterly keyed in to the GT-R way of doing things.  Brake late, brake deep, flick the left-hand paddle, turn in hard, spot the exit, back on the power, catch the back end with a quarter turn but keep the throttle pinned and let the car magically straighten itself out before you hit 7000rpm and flick the right-hand paddle.”  Henry Catchpole, evo