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Answer fifty questions at Ford Doctors Diesel Technicians society to discover your engineering aptitude. I found this link at and decided that my poor mechanical ability would be showcased on this 50 question test.‘s test is intimidating, plus the passing score is 80%. I hate to break it to ya, but The Good Car Guy didn’t pass. According to the schools I went to for the majority of my life, 50% was passing, and I did indeed break that barrier. (My Texas school required 70%, unnecessarily frightening me to death my first day of grade 6.)

If you think you’re automotive or mechanically-inclined, take the test. If you know any know-it-alls, have them take the test to find out how much you should trust them with your prized driveway possession. By the way, you can leave as many comments on this piece as you want. You can bombard [email protected] with information inquiries; but you ain’t gonna hear my score.