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Horsepower doesn’t come cheap. A quick look through Kijiji shows a typical 3-year old Gelding for $1,800 CDN. That’s much more expensive than Hyundai thinks it should be, considering the Koreans charge $81.70 USD for each individual horse found under the hood of the Genesis Coupe 3.8.
In the United Kingdom, Audi wants £75,065 in exchange for an RS6 Avant. Plenty of reasons pop up relating to why consumers would consider a large and powerful Audi wagon. Good looks mixed with a classy interior are the typical Audi experience. In the case of the RS6 Avant, a capacious cargo area comes to play with 572 horsepower. An argumentative soul may be prone to point out that horsepower isn’t the significant impetus behind purchasing a car at this high level of luxury. On the other hand, any Audi Avant customer could take a lesser A6 or S6 if horsepower wasn’t going to be a huge factor in their daily lives.
But boy-oh-boy is that horsepower ever wickedly expensive. For £123.23, you receive 1 horse. Even with Audi’s own turbocharged 2.0L A3, customers need just £98.18. Ford’s wicked Focus ST will supply 222 horsepower for just £89.37. What does the outraged RS6 Avant owner do about this trouble?
Well, DMS Automotive in Southampton will upgrade your Audi RS6 Avant for pennies. For just £18/per bhp, DMS turns your 572-horsepower RS6 Avant into a 680-horsepower highway bomb. The RS6 has two engine control units; one for each bank of five cylinders. DMS works some magic on these two ECUs, ignoring the harder parts of the engine. The Quattro all-wheel drive struggles not with the addition of 104 lb-ft of torque to the already heady total of 479. evo‘s Ollie Marriage says he “can’t think of another car that distances you from the raw sensations of speed quite as effectively” as the RS6 Avant. For just 2.5% more than the price of the car, DMS Automotive equips your RS6 with 20% more power. And derestricts its speed limiter…..
You’d be a fool not to allow them to fiddle inside your RS6’s V10.
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