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For those of you in Europe, expect to see the smaller-than-Q7 Audi Q5 next summer. Those of us in North America will wait an extra six months, likely not seeing the Q5 at dealers until 2009…

Apparently Alan Mulally didn’t unite with GM to bring The Good Car Guy to Detroit today. He took off for China, where a second Ford plant (to build Ford’s and Mazda’s) just opened in Nanjing. I…. am…. hurt….

Mercedes-Benz new C-class has a base price in the United States of just a hair under $32,000. A C350 Sport removes $37,275 from your savings account. Thanks, have a nice day, hope you’ve got enough left for fuel….

Two GM representatives met me at the airport, one inside and one outside. Friendly guys; one driving a Tahoe splayed with “E85” and “Ethanol” graphics. So far so good, this first substantial experience I had in GM’s latest and greatest spelled out some small but interesting tidbits. The sun was in my eyes, so I pulled down the visor. Hmm, nice headliner material. Firm visor hinges. Hey, that’s a fairly handsome IP. Roomy, too. Then again, this is a massive transportation device and there are just two of us….