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AUDI DESIGN – The Wagons

Earlier today, allowed Audi to explain the nature of its design. Where it comes from, how it gets here, why they look the way they look. It’s the belief of The Good Car Guy that Audi wagons, Avant in Audi’s terminology, look terrific. Sure, there’s a wagon and hatchback bias at GCBC, but The Good Car Guy is unapologetic. Practicality can look good. At Audi, it really does.

Just for the sake of viewing the exterior of handsome and useful vehicles, have a look below at the Audi A3 Sportback and its S3 Sportback hi-po sibling. Caught somewhere between hatchback and wagon, the A3 is currently Audi’s smallest super-practical option. Next up is the A4 Avant and its hi-po sibling, the S4 Avant. Finally, the A6 Avant; S6 Avant; and extreme RS6 Avant at the top of the Audi wagon wing. Curious about the possibility of an A8 Avant? Check out this Rendering.