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Apart from brief, un-named clips on that make a declaration without supporting the brand, Audi’s Q5 advertising scheme is brilliant. Angry Chinese Driver dug deeply into the core of this Audi Q5 outreach and has presented some interesting facts.

In my vehicular tastes, as with music genres, I love everything. Give me bluegrass and hip-hop; hatchbacks and supercars. So before you go ahead and lambast The Good Car Guy for promotiong anti-boxy Audi advertising while at the same time fighting arduously to win a Nissan Cube, remember these two things: Audi’s Q5 is a member of the inaugural Good 12 Supersize; and secondly; The Good Car Guy was a Cube lover as far back as March of ’07, with additional pronouncements in July of ’07 and January of ’08.
Watch the clip below and head overto Angry Chinese Driver for conspiracy theories which run the gamut from associating dates with letters in the Audi founder’s name to the Q5’s date of release.