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Acura CDX: the next frontier for the brand? [w/ poll]

As has become customary, weeks before a car premieres the first pictures have leaked onto the internet. Unusually, they are actually of decent quality, which is why I think it’s OK to post them, especially that they bring up an interesting question.

Namely, is Acura on the right track? The brand has many detractors, with the usual complaints being that the cars are too bland, or that they are just dressed-up Hondas. As many of our readers will know, I have often come to the defense of Acura – sure, the cars are not the most exciting but usually they look good in a conservative-sort-of-way, drive well, have nice interiors and have great reliability thanks to mainstream mechanicals they share with their cheaper sister company. In short, they’re much like Audi before it discovered its design mojo in the 1990s.

So, back to the CDX – right now it seems the model is destined for China only, but should the company think there is demand I don’t see why it could not bring it to the US. Early reports suggest it’s based on the Honda HR-V but closer in size to Audi Q3. That’s an interesting strategy, given how the Honda Fit-derived suspension on the HR-V has the less-sophisticated torsion beam rear suspension, rather than the independent suspension found on the CR-V, but this makes sense in the context of its target market where the dynamic bar is still considerably lower than in places such as the US or Europe. And I personally think it looks rather good, even if, like many other cars in the premium compact SUV segment, it will need larger wheels to look its best.

Ultimately, I’m curious to see what you think – let us know in the poll, or leave a comment below:

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