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A luxury SUV…. ahem, an SAV, a large luxo-limo, and now a luxurious everyday supercar.  The automotive world has decided unitedly to cling to acronymns and abbreviations.  The surprise with Porsche – contrary to the philosophies of BMW and Mercedes-Benz – is that all the ABC’s, XYZ’s and LMN’s are actually clarified.  I know, I’m as shocked as you.  Here then, is the list of acro-abbrevia from the technical specifications page.

VTG: “….With Variable Turbine Geometry, the exhaust flow is channeled into the turbines by way of electronically adjustable guide vanes. By changing the angle of these vanes, the system can replicate the advantages of a small turbo at low rpm, and a larger turbo as the tachometer climbs.”
PTM: Porsche Traction Management
PASM: Porsche Active Suspension Management
LSA: Lightweight, stable, and agile – referring to the multilink rear suspension
PCCB: Porsche Carbon-Ceramic Brake
PSM: Porsche Stability Management
PCM: Porsche Communication Management