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Showcasing eight new car deals, is paying particular attention to American-branded automobiles. Ranked below in terms of their goodness; not just the $ amount in the commercials you see, these six cars are a lot cheaper than what manufacturer suggested retail prices would lead you to believe. Besides the six cars below, CNN also made mention of the Mazda CX-9 with 0% purchase financing up to 36 months or a still-low 1.9% financing for 60 months. The Good 12-winning Honda Accord was also mentioned for its financing deals – 1.9% up to three years or 3.9% up to 5 years.

#6 – CHRYSLER TOWN & COUNTRY: Save $3500-4500
As minivans go, Chrysler’s T&C and the Dodge Grand Caravan are the equivalent of the Chevrolet Corvette. No, it may not be the best sports car/minivan, but it’s pretty good and very American. Yes, you could buy a Honda Odyssey and enjoy life. Or you could save big bucks on this Chrysler, enjoy bountiful features and dinner out a couple times per week.

#5 – FORD FUSION: Save $2500
Always measure the sales success of an automobile on what the vehicle does for an automaker. Complicated, I know. Figure it this way, though: Ford would sell millions of Fusions at $4,000; but that wouldn’t help profits one whit. While unable to rid itself of a midsize passenger car at full MSRP, the Fusion will likely keep you comfortable, content, and safe.
#4 – CHRYSLER 300: Save $3500-4500
The big Chrysler is one of the decade’s best American cars. Accuse Chrysler of falling slightly short of lofty standards if you like, but at this price and in this size segment, the 300 is a mighty car. 
#3 – CHEVROLET MALIBU: Save $2600
It must be made clear, the Malibu was over-hyped and over-rated early on. That’s not to say it’s a bad car, because in truth; the Malibu is very nice indeed. The great second coming of the large American car it is not, yet falling short of the impact of a ’57 Chevy doesn’t mean the Malibu falls too far short of its modern competitors. No, not at all.
#2 – PONTIAC VIBE: Save $1600
Hatchbacks don’t fly in the United States. Listen up: sedans can’t take off either. So get off your high horse and recognize the Vibe (and Matrix) for what they are. Take solid Corolla foundations and reliability; add a unique design and huge carrying capacity. The only thing missing is sports car-like dynamics.
#1 – CADILLAC CTS: Save $5000
When The Good Car Guy and other online writers drove the second-generation CTS at GM’s proving grounds in Milford, shock was the common reaction. There was so little to complain about and so much to be excited over. Get the same car… at a lower price. No, I mean it. You really should.