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2013’s The Bad 8 – Honda Crosstour


When attacking the Crosstour, the typical response from Honda defenders sounds something like this: “It drives like an Accord and it’s really practical.”

2013 the bad 8 logoDo they think the Crosstour is the only hatchback on the market that drives like a midsize sedan? That the Crosstour is the only practical vehicle on sale? Do they not realize that there are many handsome and practical vehicles that are priced more appropriately and drive at least as nicely as the Crosstour?

Now that Honda has begun selling the Crosstour with a four-cylinder engine and lowered the Crosstour’s price, there remains one key complication.

The Honda Crosstour is ridiculously ugly. There, I said it. Oh my, such a controversial opinion. I generally love referring to beauty and the beholder and all that, but the Crosstour deserves no design defence. I might even delete your comment if you try and defend the Crosstour’s appearance. Defend something, just not this car’s horrendous design.

Recent tinkering hasn’t helped. The big grille is so painfully shiny. The line that begins just ahead of the front door and continues through the door handles doesn’t know where to go. This line doesn’t do a good job at whatever it’s trying to do, and the abyss created by Honda’s designers between the bumper corner and the beltline continues to aid in the rear end’s quest to offend us all. 

The swathe of plastic that stretches across the hatch is cheap like dirt. The size of the rear overhang begs the question, how does the Crosstour not tip over onto its exhaust outlets? The proportions are all wrong, the stance is awry, and there’s enough room for a family of elves to live in the space between rubber and wheelarch.

But it’s practical? If that’s enough justification for buying a vehicle, we should all be driving the Ssangyong Rodius. 


Alternatives: The Toyota Venza is the obvious choice, but even Honda’s own CR-V, though not especially pretty, is a worthy way of avoiding the Crosstour. Subaru’s Outback has that SUV thing goin’ on, and the Volvo XC70 starts at $33,600, $3490 below the top end Crosstour.
Base USD/CAD Price: $27,230 / $28,990
It Sucks, But… It doesn’t cost as much as it did last year.
Sales Stats: Through the first eleven months of 2012, the Crosstour accounts for 0.8% of all Honda Canada sales and just 1.6% of Honda’s U.S. output.

  1. Re: Crosstour. won't quibble with most of your rant, but as for the line from the door rearward having no place to go I will quibble. The supreme point of ugliness is the rear roofline. There is some history you may be too young to remember: 1950/1 buicks, 1966/7 chargers, who knows what year AMC marlins. Honda did not do a new thing with the Crosstour just did not improve the breed. I once owned a Ford/Mazda Probe LX (v6, 5spd) horrible throttle steer problems but one of my favorite all time cars…it was fun and practical and kept me from having to take one of my 4wd's or full size van to pick up packages.
    Yes the Crosstour is butt ugly, literally, but I remember the utility and I may yet buy a Crosstour (i"m working up to it). Re the Venza, everyone I know that had one as already gotten rid of it or is waiting till the lease is out. How many recalls on that disaster? As for Venza beauty, the ugly starts at the windshield and goes to the rear bumper. How did toyota (and subaru) get stuck in the Korean styling school?

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