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2013’s The Bad 8 – Chrysler 200 Convertible


Does the 200’s presence here really require explanation?

If you want to look like somebody who lives at a place called Arizona Grand Senior Living, then go ahead, buy a Chrysler 200 Convertible. But even the people who live at a place like that don’t want to look like they live at a place like that. So these days, they wisely buy Chrysler 300 sedans. 

2013 the bad 8 logoOf course, a car should not be judged only by the demographics of its owners. Well, maybe it should be judged that way a little bit, but we’ll add some non-owner-related judgements to this verdict. Rear ends should make you turn around for a second glance, but the 200’s backside makes you want to pull your wool (toque) down over your eyes. It’s worse with the roof up, somehow.

The 200’s V6 is excellent, but if you’re buying a Chrysler product because of the Pentastar 3.6L, buy a Wrangler or Ram or just about any Chrysler vehicle. Besides, the V6 is optional. In a world where base 305-horsepower Mustangs can lay black strips, the base 200 Convertible is still fitted with a pitiful 173-horsepower 2.4L four-cylinder. 


Alternatives: Getting a grasp of all that is good and right in this world. Or you could rely on others to tell you that the purchase (or rental) of a Ford Mustang Convertible or Volkswagen Eos makes more sense.
Base USD/CAD Price: $27,100 / $29,695
It Sucks, But… If you need a convertible and space for rear passengers is your foremost concern, they will be comfortable.
Sales Stats: Through the first eleven months of 2012, the Chrysler 200 was the 26th-best-selling vehicle in Canada. Without the 200 Convertible, sales of which were down 10% year-over-year, the 200 would have dropped to 30th spot. Chrysler doesn’t separate sales of the regular sedan and 200 Convertible in the U.S., but incidentally, they combined to be America’s 31st-best-selling vehicle through November.