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2010 LEXUS RX350 AND RX450h – 42 PICTURES

‘Space-age’ was one term applied to the first generation Lexus RX. Indeed, the concept that many believed led up to the RX350 and RX450h you see below was space-age, as well. However, the RX has progressively grown more awkward. That’s too bad, because in all honesty, the first luxury crossover is probably one of the best entry-luxury family vehicles available to North American buyers. It just happens to look a little dorky now. Lexus believes the stance of the RX has been improved along with a more powerful body. I’d suggest that they’re wrong on both counts.

The popular hybrid version is now the RX450h, as you read above. This doesn’t actually mean the engine is larger, but with more power (up 27-bhp) than before, Lexus has decided to bump its model nomenclature up a notch.
February should mark availability of the regular RX with the hybrid going on sale sometime in the spring. Buyers will be greeted by a few new features, one of which Lexus describes as a “Hard Disk Drive (HDD) navigation system has an all-new ‘Remote Touch’ controller that is both intuitive and ergonomic”. New suspension design has opened up 5% more cargo space. For more reasons than just those two, owners can expect to enjoy their RX; even with its soft handling and its status as an obvious choice. 
Separate galleries for the RX350 and RX450h are embedded below.