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Just like ancient Volkswagen Golfs and Jettas that seem to need a little extra work from someone “on the outside”, the brand spankin’ new 2009 Mazda 6 (29,000 of them) have sticky door handles. “The outer door handles may stick which may prevent the door from latching,” NHTSA says. “This situation may allow the door to open while the vehicle is in motion.”
Apart from the embarrassing issue of the Mazda 6 only recently introduced as a Good 12 v2.0 winner and now being in the Recall section, we should also take note of how many times NHTSA writes the word “may”. Couldn’t they use might sometimes? Every now and then? No? Okay. 
This perilous situation “could lead to an unbelted occupant being ejected and could result in death or injury”. Could. That’s not bad.

Dealers will be checking these sticky door handles and, if necessary, reparing or replacing. Personally, I’d take the replacement. You do as you wish.