Top 20 Best-Selling SUVs In America - September 2014

2015 Jeep Patriot
In September 2014, for the third consecutive month, the Ford Escape was America's third-best-selling utility vehicle, knocked down from its traditional placement in the top two. Back to the traditional marching order, the Honda CR-V took the top spot in place of August's leader, the Toyota RAV4. CR-V sales rose 11%; RAV4 sales shot up 42%.

Other big year-over-year gains in September were produced by the Nissan Rogue, Jeep Patriot (which ranked twelfth overall among SUVs and crossovers), and the Chevrolet Traverse.

In all, four Jeeps ranked among the top twelve. Honda landed its Pilot in 16th spot, the RAV4 was joined by the 11th-ranked Highlander and the 19th-place Lexus RX. There were three Fords in the top 18, included the sixth-ranked Explorer. 

Top 20 Best-Selling Cars In America - September 2014

2015 BMW 3-Series sedan
For the second consecutive month, the Honda Accord knocked the Toyota Camry off its perch, ending September 2014 as the best-selling car in America. The gap has been closed to fewer than 31,000 sales on year-to-date terms, but with just three months remaining, 2014 does not appear to be the year that the Camry is unseated. 

Accord sales jumped 31% last month; Camry sales slid 11%. The next-best-selling Honda Civic was down 3%. The sixth, seventh, ninth, 17th, 19th, and 20th-best-selling cars in America all reported declining year-over-year sales in September, as well, and this in a market which shot up 9.4% to more than 1.25 million units.

In addition to the Accord's big jump, sales of the Chevrolet Cruze, Nissan Sentra, Nissan Versa, Subaru Outback, and Kia Soul all climbed far beyond their September 2013 tallies. Likewise, the BMW 3-Series (sales figures for which include the 4-Series in the U.S.) were half again as strong as they were a year ago. No premium brand car came close to selling as often as the BMW duo, with its wide-spread range encompassing a pair of hatchbacks, a sedan, a coupe, a convertible, and a wagon.

Canada Auto Sales Brand Rankings - September 2014 YTD

2015 Honda CR-V
General Motors Canada sales jumped by nearly 6300 units in September 2014, helped along by GMC's best September ever, a 31% Chevrolet improvement, and Buick volume which more than doubled.

GM outsold Chrysler Canada, in fact, despite Chrysler's continued surge. The Ram P/U, Jeep Wrangler, Chrysler Town & Country, and the Ram and Jeep brands all reported record-setting Septembers.

But Ford Canada was Canada's top-selling manufacturer for the sixth consecutive month in September 2014 and finally took over the number one year-to-date position from Chrysler Canada, as well. Ford Motor Company sales rose 5% last month and less than 1% so far this year.

Canada auto sales market share chart September 2014
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Toyota Canada suffered a slight decline at Lexus and a more severe drop at Scion but the namesake brand was up 8% as "light truck" volume (including minivans and crossovers) jumped 26%. Toyota brand car sales, according to TCI, were down 7%.

Overall new vehicle sales jumped 13% to more than 168,000 units, an increase of nearly 19,000 extra sales compared with September 2013. This September marked the end of a record-setting third quarter for Canadian new vehicle sales. 2013 was a record calendar year; 2014 is on pace to top that result by more than 5%.

The biggest improvements on a percentage basis were reported by Jeep, Buick, Audi, Mitsubishi, GMC, Chevrolet, and Nissan, all of which produced gains of at least 30%. (Jeep and Buick more than doubled their September 2013 volume.) 

Small car builders - Smart, Mini, and Fiat - posted the worst year-over-year declines. Kia, Dodge, Land Rover, Scion, Lexus, and Cadillac also failed to match last September's pace.