November 2014 Canada SUV And Crossover Sales Rankings - Top 89 Best-Selling SUVs In Canada - Every SUV Ranked

2014 Nissan Rogue grey
By the standards of the first ten months of the year, the growth rate achieved by Canada's ever-growing SUV/crossover fleet was downright abysmal in November 2014.

Canadian SUV sales rose 15.6% through the end of October. But November volume was up "just" 8.6%. That's only five percentage points better than the growth of the industry as a whole. How discouraging.

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We're kidding of course. Not about the actual numbers, but the sentiment. True, the year-over-year expansion of the utility vehicle sector in Canada wasn't quite as rapid as it was earlier in the year, but Canadians did buy/lease nearly 4000 more SUVs and crossovers in November 2014 than in November 2013. Much of that growth was achieved by the most popular members of the sector.

November 2014 Canada Passenger Car Sales Rankings - Top 144 Best-Selling Cars In Canada - Every Car Ranked

Canada's passenger car market declined 3.4% in November 2014 as the country's most popular attracted 1528 fewer November buyers in 2014 than in 2013. Five of November's top 10 cars posted declining year-over-year volume.

Collectively, those five cars - Civic, Corolla, 3, Jetta, Focus - were down 22%, a loss of 3774 units in a car market which slid by around 2000 sales.

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In other words, there were plenty of good news items in the Canadian car world in November 2014, but they were overshadowed by dreadful results among top tier players that brought down the category. Chevrolet Cruze volume jumped 27%, Nissan Sentra sales were up 27%, the Volkswagen Golf shot up 87%, and the Honda Fit and Chrysler 200 both more than doubled their November 2013 totals. 

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One new car was also added to the Canadian fleet in November 2014: Lexus's RC coupe. The RC350 generated 41 sales; the RCF another 15. 

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2015 Mercedes-Benz C-Class
Thumping along at record rates, Canada's auto industry entered the Christmas season with nearly as many sales in eleven months as in all of 2013, the previous record year. 

From the most popular models (Canada's five top sellers have combined for 19,391 extra sales over the last eleven months than during the same period a year ago) to top-tier premium brands (Mercedes-Benz, BMW, and Audi have sold an extra 7647 vehicles) the market is expanding to unheard-of heights. Already, more than 1.72 million new vehicles have been sold in 2014, a figure that's higher than the year-end total from any pre-2013 year.

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Canadians buy and lease more Ford F-Series pickups than any other vehicle line. The core F-150 model is being replaced as we speak, but Ford has managed to elevate total F-Series sales regardless of the transition. 2014 is on pace to be the F-Series' best year ever.
2012 BMW 3-Series
Canada's best-selling car, the Honda Civic, is on track to end 2014 as the best-selling car in Canada for the 17th consecutive year. There's no undoing this now: the Civic has clinched.

Top 30 Best-Selling Vehicles In Canada - November 2014

2014 Ram 1500 red
Canada's 20 best-selling new vehicle nameplates generated just under half of all new vehicle sales volume in Canada in November 2014 as many of the country's most popular nameplates posted huge year-over-year gains. 

The Ford F-Series was up 18%. The Ram P/U reported its best-ever November sales thanks to a 19% gain. Honda's CR-V, the country's top-selling utility vehicle, was up 56%. 

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The F-Series and Ram gains weren't unusual in the truck segment. Sales of the GMC Sierra and Chevrolet Silverado increased dramatically, as well. As a result, pickup trucks generated 18.6% of the Canadian auto industry's new vehicle sales in November 2014, up from 16.7% at this time a year ago and 17.2% in October of this year. 

Top 20 Worst-Selling Vehicles In Canada - November 2014

2008 Subaru Tribeca
The Subaru Tribeca, long so unpopular it couldn't even be considered divisive or controversial, was the least popular new vehicle in Canada in November 2014. 

Granted, the Volvo S80 hasn't yet expired and it attracted fewer, as in zero, buyers in November. But we never track the vehicles which genuinely didn't sell. The Tribeca was down 92% to just 2 sales in November 2014, ranking it first both in terms of year-over-year decline and total volume.