2014 Chevrolet Traverse LT AWD Review - Is Bigger Better?

2014 Chevrolet Traverse LT rear Fishermens cove
My, haven’t you matured.

You’re a few years removed from realizing that a society’s population must grow if it is to thrive over the long haul. Yet instead of traditional government tactics like recruiting doctors from the other side of the Atlantic and engineers from the other side of the Pacific, you made the hilarious decision to utilize an in-house solution.

You’ve expanded the population all right. By way of the womb.

• It's huge inside

• Surprising real-world hwy econ.
• Tows almost like a truck
• Impressive ride quality
• 3.6L V6 is sufficient
• It's huge outside
• Feels old
• Third row lacks comfort
• Steering wheel sucks
• Not torquey at low revs

Child number one brought with him a surprising amount of stuff. Child number two takes up a lot of space, as well. But it’s the third and fourth kids that suddenly made the first bungalow and the first CR-V seem so very small.

Odds are, you’re not about to buy a minivan.

GCBC's Most Popular Auto Sales Figures - August 2014

Infiniti USA sold fewer than 3000 Q70s during the first seven months of 2014, a dreadful result both for a brand which once sold 25,658 Ms (the M being the Q70's predecessor) in 2006, and 14,618 as recently as 2010. 

No vehicle-specific sales page was visited more frequently on GoodCarBadCar than the Q70's during the month of August. The Dodge Charger and Dodge Dart were other interlopers on the list of most popular vehicle sales pages, a list typically controlled by the Honda Accord and Ford F-Series.

2014 Mercedes-Benz CLA250 4Matic Review - Pay $2200, Add All-Wheel-Drive

2014 Mercedes-Benz CLA250 4Matic interior
If it looks like a Benz and goes like a Benz, it’s probably a Benz.

And if it’s missing some of the trademark Benz-like qualities you noticed in your friend’s well-off uncle’s W124 300E in the late 80s, it’s still a Benz.

So much a Benz, in fact, that numerous neighbours refused to believe that the bright red CLA250 4Matic that visited GoodCarBadCar in mid-August was Mercedes-Benz’s entry-level sedan. (None of those neighbours visited the inside of the car.)

• Style statement

• 258 lb-ft of torque
• Agile up to a point
• Roomy enough interior
• Fuel efficient
• Some chintzy bits
• As-tested price rises quickly
• Small rear doors
• Inconsistent ride quality
• DCT struggles

When told that it’s a lesser car than the CLS or E or S or even C, those neighbours warm to a notion created over time, both by marketing and in their own aspirational minds, which says they could have all that inherent Mercedes-Benz goodness with an affordable price tag.

It sounds so easy: big brand, little car, the loss of some frivolous luxuries, the removal of a few horsepower, and a deep discount.

It’s not so easy.