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Volvo Cars Global Sales Data, Analysis & Trends

Your hub for Volvo Cars sales and shipment data globally. Volvo Cars markets and manufacturers Volvo vehicles. We break out sales data by region and by brand to give you a full picture of Volvo Cars vehicle sales.

Volvo Cars Sales Data & Reports In Key Markets

Volvo is a luxury vehicle brand owned by Chinese car manufacturer, Geely. Volvo manufactures and markets various kinds of luxury vehicles which includes sport utility vehicles (SUVs), station wagons, sedans and compact executive sedans. Volvo has long been known for their vehicles having the most luxurious interior design in the luxury vehicle segment. The company has marketed their cars for being incredibly safety and reliable.

Volvo Brand Sales Data & Reports In Key Markets

Volvo has a long history of innovation in safety technology. The company has introduced many new safety features over the years, including the side-impact airbag, the whiplash protection system, and the City Safety system. Volvo's cars are consistently among the safest on the road. In addition to its focus on safety, Volvo is also known for its Scandinavian design heritage. Volvo cars are known for their clean, elegant lines and their comfortable interiors. Volvo cars are also known for their high quality and craftsmanship. Volvo has a strong presence in the global automotive market, with sales in over 100 countries.

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